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Airtime is Your Onramp to Digital Money

We are the leading global marketplace enabling you to convert your airtime into digital money. And for a limited time, we will even pay you to try us out.
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Swap your airtime to USDC right from your web browser without the need for the mobile app.
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Manage all your tasks in one sleek dashboard

No missing tickets

Streamline your sales and keep your customers happy with shortened response times and no missed opportunities.
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"Syncing sales with inventory was so smooth with Unicorns. No more gaps between sales and merchandise while dealing with prospective leads."
-Rudra Ghosh, CEO, Vermillion

Quick action based on real-time data

With all your data and systems synced on one dashboard, you're always ahead of the situation.
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"We've hit our projected numbers and more with the ability to take action with real-time data."
-Pritom Rani, VP Sales, Cobalt

Data Integration

Sync systems and departments so you no longer have to wait for numbers

Daily Task Management

Prioritize and plan out your time based on shifting business needs


Communicate with your team right on your dashboard to avoid crossed wires and lost emails

Here's what our customers say

"I can't believe how much easier Unicorns made our lives. We're saving so much time with their automated tracking!"
-Rudra Ghosh
CEO, Vermillion
"Our customer service rating has improved so much ever since we adopted Unicorns. The smooth integrations and easy tracking system has shortened ticket response times considerably."
-Pritom Rani
VP Sales, Cobalt
132 user rating
132 user rating
132 user rating
132 user rating

Seamless integration with all your favorite tools

We do the tracking so you don't have to waste time manually logging data.
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How to Get Started

01 – Register Your Account using your mobile number
02 – Swap Airtime with trusted market makers  
03 – Convert to Digital Money by depositing to your favorite wallet

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Frequently Asked Questions

Feeling unsure? These might help!
Do I need a credit card for the Free 14-Day Trial?

Nope. There are no hidden clauses, no strings attached. You won't be signed up automatically at the end of your trial.

What happens if I want to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription any time and we'll refund you for the remaining portion of your billing period.

Are the yearly plans cheaper?

Yes, they are.

Can I upgrade my plan after signing up?

You can. Just get in touch with our customer support team and they'll help you with the process.

Do you offer discounts for non-profits?

We do. We offer a sliding scale for non-profits based on your needs and size. Let's talk further.

Do you offer referral programs?

Not yet but watch this space for more soon!

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